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In “Piazzetta Don Garbin” is placed the San Biagio Church. It stands on the ruins of the church of San Biagio in San Girolamo, which was demolished on the evening of Sunday 10th December 1944 during a German bombing. Forlì had been liberated by the Allies just a month earlier.

The San Biagio Church was rebuilt in 1953, the original structure contained tombs and funeral monuments of some important people of the city. Here in 1466 the first wife of Pino Terzo Ordelaffi, Barbara Manfredi, was buried in a splendid funeral monument, saved from the German bombing, and now visible inside the abbey of San Mercuriale. Inside the church there are some works saved from the war.

On the first altar, on the left, the late fifteenth-century triptych, Madonna Enthroned with Child and Saints, by Marco Palmezzano is placed, while on the first altar on the right, there is the Immaculate Conception by Guido Reni, made around 1627. On the stair steps that lead in the presbytery there is a fifteenth-century holy water stoup in white marble.

In the collapse of the church, the Feo chapel was irretrievably lost, a real jewel of the fifteenth-century art of Forlì. The magnificent frescoes by Marco Palmezzano, made on preparatory cartoons by Melozzo degli Ambrogi, were also lost.

The Feo chapel dedicated to San Giacomo Maggiore was commissioned by Caterina Sforza for the benefit of her second husband Giacomo Feo and her family. Here the husband of Caterina Sforza was buried after being killed in an ambush at the Ponte dei Morattini on the evening of 27 August 1495.