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The Civic Tower is placed behind the Palazzo Comunale in the central square of Forlì, a symbol of the temporal power and the municipal identity of the city, it was built on the remains of an ancient watchtower of Roman origin and with the passing of time it increased gradually their functions.

Over time, on the top of the tower, a clock was installed that marked the rhythms of civil life, as on the other side of the square, the bells of San Mercuriale marked those of religious services. The large size of the dial and the single clock hand made it possible to read the time from the countryside surrounding the city of Forlì.

At the time of the Riario Sforza lordship, the residence of the family stood between the civic tower and the town hall, which was demolished after the assassination of Girolamo Riario in 1488.

The recycled materials were used for the construction of Paradiso, the fortified palace where Caterina Sforza, her children and her court moved for a better protection. It was built in connection with the Ravaldino fortress, but it is a buildings that has disappeared today, following the siege of Cesare Borgia between the end of 1499 and the beginning of 1500.